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Research Group

We are a new research group at the Institute of Coastal Systems, part of the Hereon research campus near Hamburg. We are part of the Helmholtz AI initiative.

In our research we investigate the Earth system at the boundary between physics-based and machine learning approaches, to gain insights unavailable to either approach alone.

We also organize a biweekly seminar on machine learning at Hereon, aimed at the scientific communities of the Helmholtz Institutes and the Hamburg area.

Online Code

We publish our code on github, and are committed to software sharing as a principle of open and reproducible science.

Open Positions

If you’re interested in a position as a Master’s student, PhD or Postdoc, please write to David with a CV and statement of interest. Candidates should have curiosity, persistence and a solid foundation in machine learning, math, physics, algorithms or the geosciences.

We are currently recruiting a postdoc! Details and online application can be found at the hereon website. Deadline is Aug. 29.